Jamie Renee Williams

Based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, I design and cultivate products, experiences + stories for humans, social good, inclusion and sustainability.

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A mindful new vision for women's health

See how I’m using the neuroscience theory of constructed emotions to design a health app for humans of any gender identity effected by a monthly cycle that moves beyond "bananas with condoms" and "rosy pink" color palette cliches to help build sustainable selves through a Mend Barometer.

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Nurturing Design to Build Human Connection

image of emma sudden site

Here’s how I was able to apply inclusive design to the user experience design for a marketing brand’s site that wanted to attract new clients working in areas of sustainability.

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Startuplandia: Building a Tasty Ad

Getting in the Product Mindset

Reflections on the importance of combining cognitive and emotional intelligence in design thinking principles of viability, desirability and feasibility when creating BuzzFeed Tasty's first ad product.

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Recently I ...

Create + sold my first plantable zine emer.jent at the Tiny Tech Zines Fest in @ Navel LA, focusing on the question - Can AI be altruistic?

Read Dare to Lead. By Brene Brown, Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design. By Kat Holmes + Braiding Sweetgrass. By Robin Wall Kimmerer

Attended AI.LA + Future of Work gathering and discussion @Google.

Volunteered at Cottonwood Urban Farm to learn about composting and farming.

Attended the very first AI.LA Earth Summit in LA to create solutions for enviro issues.

Became a Community builder with Navel LA’s Human Connection + Sustainability Assembly

Lead the Skylight Books Current Events Bookclub in meditation + discussion of Ursula’s K. Le Guin’s translation of the Tao Te Ching: A Book About the Way and the Power of the Way.

Voiced my concerns as an Engaged Citizen at AI.LA in the Classroom @Google

Helped redefine women in iconography at The Noun Project’s Redefining Women Iconathon