Jamie Renee Williams

Based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, I design, teach and cultivate experiences, products + stories for humans, UX, social justice, inclusion, healing and environmental resiliency.

Sparking A transformative Learning Movement for Courageous Motion

Reflections on the importance of combining emotional intelligence and analytical ways of learning on a racial equity platform which aims to inspire grassroots action. Read how I tapped into inclusive user experience design principles to help learners align with emotional self as the path to courageous action and meaningful connection with the collective.

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Planting The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are here and it isn't exactly what the Terminator movies made it out to be. See how I designed a zine that explores whether or not AI/ML can be altruistic and amplify kindness. Printed on plantable, wildflower paper the zine also brings attention to the need for circular and regenerative economy mindsets in tech.Can AI help us heal ourselves and the earth?

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Nurturing Design to Build Human Connection

Link to Emma Sudden Project

Here’s how I was able to apply inclusive design to the user experience design for a marketing brand’s site that wanted to attract new clients working in areas of sustainability.

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Recently I ...

Lovely Photo: Kort Havens

Talked with the LA Times about design, gardening and interconnectivity

Featured on LA Design Festival's Blog and podcast Design, Etc.

Completed certification in Harvard's "The Health Effects of Climate Change" course

Attended Los Angeles Food Policy Council, Food Waste + Rescue Working Group meeting to work on creating policy changes that eliminate waste

Read Kindred, Women, Race + Class and Love Letter to the Earth

Spoke about UX at the Treehouse Festival

Attended Where Are All the Black Designers? Conference

Became co-owner + Chief Sustainability Officer at compostableLA

Was certified in Web Accessibility

Guided a backyard farm tour at Huarache Farms Cooperative

Attended the Women in STEAM gathering in Beverly Hills, California

Worked at Cottonwood Urban Farm teaching about composting and farming to folks from Sweetgreen.

Published this story, How Design Can Create or Unravel Feelings of Trust: When Apathetic Design Hurts and Excludes

Attended the Fear and Wonder 3: Futures of AI Symposium @ SCI-Arc in downtown Los Angeles

Participated in the Women, Technology and Power: A Workshop to Design the Future facilitated by Ahree Lee and Susan Edwards at the Women's Center for Creative Work.

Gained deep insights about the value of mindfulness and natural farming while reading One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.

Attended DaFunction in South LA hosted by the Ron Finley Project.

Designed + sold out of my first zine emer.jent at the Tiny Tech Zines Fest @Navel LA. It is zine that if planted sprouts wildflowers + focuses on the question - Can AI be altruistic + help us heal each other and earth?

Read Dare to Lead. By Brene Brown, Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design. By Kat Holmes + Braiding Sweetgrass. By Robin Wall Kimmerer

Attended AI.LA + Future of Work gathering and discussion @Google.

Attended the very first AI.LA Earth Summit in LA to create solutions for enviro issues.

Became a Community builder + teacher with Navel LA’s Human Connection + Sustainability Assembly

Lead the Skylight Books Current Events Bookclub in meditation + discussion of Ursula’s K. Le Guin’s translation of the Tao Te Ching: A Book About the Way and the Power of the Way.

Voiced my concerns as an Engaged Citizen at AI.LA in the Classroom @Google

Helped redefine women in iconography at The Noun Project’s Redefining Women Iconathon